Artistic Family Portrait Idea

A lot of my time is spent waiting for my computer to crunch the bits and bytes that make up the cinematic edits we do. I try to use that time productively by searching for inspiration or new ideas to bring to my brand of videography and photography. Today I spent the time going over some of my archived work from a few years ago and I found this amazing little music video.

I wrote the music and recorded all the instruments while I was still living in Taiwan. This is one of only two tracks where you can actually hear me singing! (I guess you’ll have to¬†just¬†ignore the vocals then, eh?). I made the video by putting together over 1000 individual photos I took when we went for a walk in the park one spring. I wasn’t strictly trying to capture a family portrait, but it got me thinking. Wouldn’t this be a cool way to do a family portrait video or a save the date shoot? Not only do you get a beautiful work of cinematic art but you also get the best images to make prints or a little guest signing book.

I am totally psyched to do a couple of shoots like this in the Spring. Who’s interested? Message me right now to book your session!



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