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It’s Love launch Party

Weddings in Winnipeg has changed it’s name to It’s Love. New look, fresh ideas and a great place to find all the best vendors in Winnipeg. Check out the video of the launch party…

We are on TV!

A Moving Picture Studios is the official videographer for the Wonderful Wedding Show. Part of that responsibility includes making the TV ads for the show. If you watch Global, CTV or a couple of the other cable channels for the next few weeks you will see our ad on TV! Very exciting for us! The voice over artist is none other than Janelle, my lovely wife too!

The show is in 2 weeks and our booth is right next to the groom’s lounge. If you’re engaged or even if you’re just bored, why not stop by for a chat?!

Back in action!

It’s been a very long time since I wrote a post on this blog. I have been experimenting with only using Twitter and Facebook to get my new work out there. While those sites are great, there just isn’t enough room for personalisation in the way things look and feel. So, I’m back!

Of course, it’s going to take time to get all the amazing trailers and highlights from the last few months up here. I aim to do a post a day for a few weeks. We’ll see if there is enough time as, obviously, my number 1 priority right now is to get as much editing done as possible so you can get your movies!

As you can see, the portfolio section on the blog is a bit sparse. That’s not because I don’t have loads of stuff to put up… I just don’t have the time to fill it up all at once. Keep checking back for more cool photos and video. There will also be an inspiration page for those of you looking for wedding video ideas and interesting photos. Of course comments and questions are always welcome and I will get back to you with answers as soon as physically possible!

Look out for a bunch of posts coming your way!



Some Kind Words about us (#fb)

I hired Sean Philips and a moving picture studios for my October wedding and WOW did he ever deliver!!!
I really think that having a videographer there was the best decision that I could have ever made for my wedding
Sean’s work is amazing, he is so talented and kind Sean is a real down to earth guy who just genuinely wants what you
want, to make you the very best wedding video possible and believe me it absolutely will be! when you go to his web
site and you see all of these awesome brilliant and totally inspired wedding videos you may think to yourself I hope he does as
good of a job on ours as he did on there’s “I did” and the truth is it will be even better because it will be you and the love of your life
and all your family celebrating one of the happiest days of your life.

When you really think about it and I urge you too! you can always put on your dress and get your hair done and rent a tux on any day
and pay a photographer to take a pretty picture at any location, don’t get me wrong photographers are great and all but they can’t capture everything?
a photo just can’t capture The look in his eyes the first time he see’s you in “The Dress” a photo can’t capture the beauty of you walking down the isle like
the princess you always knew you could be to your very own prince charming, a photo can’t capture everything you worked so hard on to get just right!
and then there’s your first dance as husband and wife, the music, the way he held you, how happy you felt in those moments swaying across the dance floor
and no photographer no matter how good can capture that but Sean Philips can!

I wouldn’t trust anyone but Sean Phillips with this important task I guarantee you he will do his very best every time, he puts in 110% on every video he does
and it totally shows. Trust me if you hire a moving picture studios you will be the happiest bride in the world when you get your custom HD DVDs
hopefully this will soon be the best choice you have ever made

If you are still not sure about who to hire as this is a big decision and would like to talk with someone who has been there and hired them
contact a moving picture studios and they will give you my info I would love to tell you all about my experience with my videographer
and the company

hoping you all have great wedding days
Ashley and Cory from Flin Flon

Big news.

It’s official. I am going to be a daddy.

We have had baby fever ever since Bond and Leah told us they were expecting. Zuri is 6 months old now. We are 14 weeks pregnant. “We” are 14 weeks pregnant. Let’s just get one thing straight. I am not pregnant at all. Janelle…Janelle is definitely pregnant. She has had a rough few weeks with the nausea and fighting a cold while not being allowed any medication. Even so, we couldn’t be happier about it.

It’s hard to know what to expect from this whole process. I guess it’s different for everybody. So far the baby is just a concept. I can’t see it, feel it or hear it. I suppose when we go to the ultrasound and I hear the heartbeat it will get 100% real in a hurry. Judging from the other couples, the 3D “Baby Moon” sessions where you can actually see a 3D picture of the baby moving around in there is a huge moment. All in all I am excited and nervous about the whole thing. What kind of person will this little creature be?  What kind of father will I be. What kind of world will it be when he/she grows up?

I guess we just have to wait and see.

I have had the privilege to be part of 2 birth stories this year. I have seen the nervous excitement. I have been amazed at the strength that women are capable of. It’s difficult for me to speak with authority on the subject, but it is clear that this is a life-changing thing we are about to go through. I am looking forward to almost every moment of it. The actual labour… not a fan. I wish Janelle could just have the baby by osmosis!

It was wonderful being there for Bond/Leah and D’arcy/Anu’s births. I made these Birth Story Videos of the experiences. Enjoy!

I have a position opening up for an assistant/apprentice.

I am looking for somebody who is interested in learning more about event cinematography. There are loads of Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in 2010 and 2011 where I could use an extra pair of hands and eyes. The pay would be the standard rate for second shooters, but the knowledge and experience would be priceless. If you, or anyone you know would be interested in taking on the position you can contact me through the website. Tell me more about yourself and why you want to work with A Moving Picture Studios.

I feel like a 5 year old boy who just got his first bike!

I feel like a 5 year old boy who just got his first bike!

I have invested in a bunch of new toys that have opened up a whole new world of artistic possibilities. The video below was shot with my shiny new camera. What’s brilliant about it is that I can fill a whole HDTV frame with something as small as your baby fingernail! The video below is just a quick example I put together in 5 minutes. It’s some close-up detail shots of a few random objects around the house. I shot completely hand-held, so there is a free-form movement to each of the shots. Sometime later today I will be getting my other new toy from the UK which will give me complete stability while shooting all these little detail shots. Imagine the possibilities for the detail shots when you are getting ready for the big day…and all the little details you worked on so hard to make your reception perfect…well you don’t have to imagine for long because I will be using all my new stuff for my next wedding in a few weeks time!

I have always striven to capture images that are unique and visually appealing. With my new setup I can capture the angel’s point of view, the audience’s point of view and a little ant’s point of view. All three elements used together to tell the story of your day… PERFECTION!

Can you link BLOG+TWITTER+FACEBOOK+FANPAGE…the answer is….

The only reason I am writing this is to check if I have successfully managed to link all my social media together.

In theory, when I publish this blog post, a team of microscopic ants will deliver the message to twitter and post it to my account there. (videographyMB). Once they have done that, an infinitely small, blue bird will convey the tweet straight to my Facebook fan page. (A Moving Picture Studios). The tweet will appear as a profile update on that page. As soon as that happens the minibots at Facebook will be twitching with excitement as they deliver the news to my personal page on Facebook (Sean Philips) as a status update.

In other words, I am attempting to kill 3 birds with one stone.

Either you are reading this with a small, yet somewhat condescending smile on your face at my “achievement”, or this entire thing has been an exercise in futility and nobody in the universe will ever know I wrote these words.

Ho hum.

We put the GRRRR… in wedding videography!

Thanks for all the feedback about the magazine ad. Here is what we decided to go with. I think it really captures the fun we have with our couples on the day and it shows the fresh, artistic approach that has made us so popular.

We are constantly updating the website with fresh ideas and new services. The 2010/2011 price packages are up now. For anyone booking in the next 2 weeks though, you will still be able to get the 2009 packages…so let’s meet ASAP!

amps advert final

New iPhone app – turns your phone into a 27.3 Megapixel camera

Tokyo software giant Snap-Apps announces revolutionary new image processing software that converts iPhone images into 27.3MP high-res photos. No need to haul around you DSLR anymore either. It shoots practically noise-free up to 6400 ISO. There are touch controls to set aperture and shutter-speed for even more precise imaging.

What’s even more fantastic is that the same functionality in available in video mode too.

The app is only in Beta testing right now, but should be available at the app store by the end of the month. How much would you pay to get images like this straight from your iPhone….



Of course the one drawback is that it inserts tigers into every picture you take, but I can live with that.

David Graham, Solo Show – The Edge Gallery

I met David and his fiancée Lise at a wedding show a while back. We had a competition for a free photo/video wedding and they won it! We got to chatting and it turns out that David is an awesome musician. He plays in two bands at the moment, The Shouting Ground and House of Doc. He also does some solo work and that is what I had the pleasure to shoot this weekend.

The gig was at The Edge Gallery on Main, downtown. It’s a beautiful little gallery full of great sculptures and paintings. I may be doing some interesting work with Dan later this year. Anyhow, there is a front room that seats about 50 and it was jam packed for the performance.

If I had to describe David’s voice I would call it a mix between Ben Harper and Jimi. (You know which one right?). As a man who can play guitar, but is…um…vocally challenged, shall we say… I am always blown away by someone with talent like that. It was a thoroughly entertaining hour. His guitar playing, his vocals and the lyrical content were just superb. I will keep you posted if he decides to do another solo show. You should definitely be there!

So here are a couple of tracks from the night. (I am waiting to get the names of the songs and add a fourth one, and will update the post when I have had a chance to speak to David). It was a very informal shoot. Just a static camera at the back and me shooting from the side. The static camera had some issues with focus, but I think it turned out great for what it was…


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