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In the Doghouse!

Petsecure, the pet insurance guys, put on a show yesterday at The Forks. A whole bunch of media personalities were there to decorate some gingerbread doghouses. Here is a fun little video we made for them. Very festive!

Another great entry for the FREE photo/video contest

Adell writes:

You should pick US as your grand prize winners because our wedding is very unique, and would be TONS of fun for you to be a part of!!
Adam is a police constable, and will be wearing the full formal uniform for our ceremony. The entire Morden police force is going to be there, and each member will also be wearing this traditional uniform. When we walk out of the church the aisle will be lined with each of Adam’s fellow officers who will salute us as we pass. Then we are going to have full police escorts as we leave the church. This will consist of a vehicle in front of and behind our vehicle wil lights flashing!!
Our wedding will be a BLAST for not only the wedding party – but for you the videographer as well. We’ll use the police cars in some of the scenes, one idea is that I will speed off in my Dad’s T-top convertible with Adam in hot pursuit!! We also have plans of lining the entire bridal party against the wall with Adam and coworkers frisking us! Handcuffs included! Its going to be a BLAST for everyone involved!
Heres the best part for you! Both Adam and myself have very large social circles, our guest list currently stands well beyond 300. We are both one of the first people to be married in each of our social circles. What this means for you, is the opportunity for tons of free advertising and networking with all of our unmarried friends!
Since we have relocated to the small town of Morden, MB., winning a package like this would merit a story in our local paper. There aren’t many businesses like yours in this area, so that story would spark some interest for many people!
We would obviously benefit from winning something this awesome, but for YOU, we believe this just makes sound business sense!

Merry Christmas!

It’s only my second Christmas in Winnipeg and already I am getting used to there being snow everywhere!

We put up the tree over the weekend at the Angers’ house out in Morden. Its always a festive occasion. I gotta say, my in-laws do it up right for the holidays! Janelle goes a little bit crazy too. In a good way. We have has the Christmas music playing since November and the fireplace channel on TV. That warm fuzzy feeling is washing over me and I am ready for turkey and trifle pudding!

In that spirit, here is a little video I made of us putting up the tree. Merry christmas to you from Rick, Joan, Meisie, Makulu, Bond, Leah, Janelle and me!


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