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Leilani & Joel

This wedding was full of character and characters… always a pleasure to be a part of! You may remember this couple and their entourage from a little music video we put together for them just after the wedding.

Favourite speech of the year so far goes to Leilani’s brother talking about his private investigation into whether or not she and Joel were dating. Super funny!

A huge thanks to Events by Emma for the amazing touches she and her team put together for the reception at the convention centre. And a shoutout to Lise and Kris who shot the footage on this one.

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Cinematic Wedding Highlights – Arlene & Ryan

I kinda fall in love with each couple I work with. We get so invested in their relationship as we get to know them better during the planning of the wedding shoot. On the day, I just love how the nerves in the early morning get replaced with excitement just before the ceremony and a general party mood right after. It’s one of the great things about this type of work. I get to hang out with people when they are happy!

We did both photo and video coverage of Arlene and Ryan’s wedding. I love being able to use both video and stills to document the day. The stills give you a few, select, frozen moments in time. They have an appeal in that you are left to imagine the sounds and movement surrounding the moment. As a couple, you really want those one or two iconic images that you can frame or put on canvas to hang in your home. My favourite from this wedding is the moment just as the groom flings the garter and the boys are poised and ready to “pants” him. Their expressions are priceless. What I particularly love is that we were able to capture that moment as a photo and then blend it in with the video of that crazy Filipino tradition. (Watch out for it near the end of the movie).

Yes, photos are great, but the real emotion is in the video. Ryan’s mom’s speech about how much she is going to miss him had me all choked up thinking about how much I will miss Jonah when he is all grown up and leaves home. Those moments are why you absolutely MUST get video for your wedding. It’s the only way to preserve the speeches and the vows and the thousand other moments that deserve to live on after the day is done.

Enjoy the video and here are a couple more stills for you too…


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Hope & Steve – Cinematic Feature

As so often happens with wedding cinematography, we were a last minute option for Hope and Steve. I am so glad they decided we were worth the investment!

There are so many fantastic memories about this day but the one that really stands out for me is the father-daughter dance. There is a beautiful close-up of him whispering in her ear: “Don’t be sad, you will always be my little girl”. Beautiful. The whole day was full of laughter and beautiful little moments like that.

Hope and Steve, you guys are off to a great start. You are perfect for each other and we wish you a long life filled with love!

Here are some still captures from the amazing footage…




Raquelle and Chris

Best speeches of the year so far!

To be completely honest, I am a bit jaded by wedding speeches after hearing hundreds of them every year. It’s just one of those things you get used to when you shoot wedding movies for a living. Every so often there is a group of people that nail it… Chris and Raquelle’s speeches did just that. Perhaps it also helps when you have a hand full of best men instead of one?! I found myself smiling and laughing along with everybody as I was editing this wedding. Fun times.

Great wedding. Great couple.


Marie Cecile & Matthew – A Multicultural Celebration

It’s not often you see a wedding with so many diverse cultural elements woven into the day. Marie Cecile and Matthew actually had 3 costume changes and 2 dance performances at the reception, not to mention the traditional Filipino performers that entertained the crown throughout the evening. Never a dull moment!

The couple had some bad luck in the run up to the big day, culminating in Marie Cecile’s parents not being given their travel documents in time to be there for the wedding. I will be putting more of the longer version online later for those who couldn’t be there. They got through the hurdles of the day so now they are sure to have a lifetime of smooth sailing from here on in!

Thanks as always to Manny Sousa for being so easy to work with on the day. Also a shout out to The Hilton for the great meal.



Mikyla & Nicolas – Cinematic Feature

There is nothing quite like a sunny Manitoba Summer day to make you feel the love. Add a country wedding between a couple so clearly head over heals for each other to the mix and it’s a recipe for ear to ear smiles all round!

Kris and I made the early morning drive out to Winkler to shoot Mikyla and Nicolas’s wedding early this Summer. With the birds chirping and the Cicadas buzzing all around it was easy to get into the breezy Summer vibe that the couple created for this celebration. Any time the groom is wearing flip-flops to a wedding is guaranteed to be a good time! The reception took place in an old bard that was decorated spectacularly well. It was like something right off the pages of a bridal magazine under the heading “Elegant Country Wedding”.

We always strive to make our movies reflect the personalities of the couple. Watch till the end to see a funny little incident we recreated just for these two crazy kids!

Here are a couple of still frames from the video to get you started…




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