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Artistic Family Portrait Idea

A lot of my time is spent waiting for my computer to crunch the bits and bytes that make up the cinematic edits we do. I try to use that time productively by searching for inspiration or new ideas to bring to my brand of videography and photography. Today I spent the time going over some of my archived work from a few years ago and I found this amazing little music video.

I wrote the music and recorded all the instruments while I was still living in Taiwan. This is one of only two tracks where you can actually hear me singing! (I guess you’ll have to just ignore the vocals then, eh?). I made the video by putting together over 1000 individual photos I took when we went for a walk in the park one spring. I wasn’t strictly trying to capture a family portrait, but it got me thinking. Wouldn’t this be a cool way to do a family portrait video or a save the date shoot? Not only do you get a beautiful work of cinematic art but you also get the best images to make prints or a little guest signing book.

I am totally psyched to do a couple of shoots like this in the Spring. Who’s interested? Message me right now to book your session!



Delanie & Francis – A Walk in the Park!

I am loving shooting both photo and video these days. There is something to be said for the stillness of a captured moment. A laugh, head thrown back, not a care in the world, frozen in time… it’s beautiful to me. I also love the artistry in taking the movement of a video clip and choreographing it to the soundtrack that provides the emotional backbone of a scene. What is the ultimate pleasure for me right now… being able to do both those things at the same time!

Here are a couple of stills from Delanie and Francis Save the Date shoot. The video is in the queue and I will post that when its ready, but I had to share these awesome moments with you today…

Delanie and Francis 6

Delanie and Francis 7

Delanie and Francis 2

Delanie and Francis 5

Delanie and Francis 1

Delanie and Francis 3

Delanie and Francis 4

kristy and Philip – A Cinematic Fusion Photo Shoot

We now offer cinematic fusion.

“What is cinematic fusion?” I hear you ask.

It’s this:

Kim and Phil – Video Highlights – Winnipeg Wedding Videographer

Here are a couple of pics from behind the scenes of the photo-shoot for Kim and Phil’s wedding. If the wind isn’t blowing in the right direction… you just have to improvise!




I met with Kim and Phil for the first time so long ago that it feels like we have been friends forever! Having shot their social, e-shoot and wedding I feel really invested in them as a couple. When you hear them speak about each other when they are in separate rooms, you can just see the love and respect they have for each other. When they are together you can feel it. I am super happy that we could be even a small part of their celebration…

Kim and Phil – A Spring Wedding #fb

kim and phil-603

So we are doing a lot more fusion weddings here this year. My first love is definitely cinematography, but there is also something deeply satisfying in capturing a single perfect moment in time on an otherwise busy and frenetic day. For Kim and Phil’s wedding this weekend I had the assistance of the always wonderful Michelle Zerr with the photography side of the wedding.

kim and phil-702

The weather promised to be awful all week. Actually,  when I woke up they were calling for tornado warnings all over Southern Manitoba! Rule #1 of capturing a wedding: Don’t let the couple get sucked into a tornado the morning they are supposed to say their vows! Our plan B was the Manitoba Hydro building. As soon as we had the first look, the sun came out and we made the call to head to Assiniboine Park for an hour or two before the ceremony. I am soo happy the weather played along. We got some gems…

kim and phil-127

kim and phil-124

kim and phil-448

kim and phil-137

The ceremony was at the spectacular St. Ignatius church. The only way to get a photo of the whole family… fish eye….

kim and phil-597

The reception was at the Marlborough. I love when we get to shoot up on the roof there…

kim and phil-706

So these were a few of my favourite shots from the day. The video will take a few weeks to get edited, so look out for that!

Thanks to Tracy from Moments Event Planning for all the hard work and the spectacular reception. I love working with professional, friendly and easygoing people!!!!

Natasha and Raj – Highlights

To say this was a mammoth undertaking would be a mammoth understatement! In total, all the footage from four days of shooting Natasha and Raj’s wedding came to 477 gigabytes. If you are not computer savvy, that is… well… a lot.

That said, I loved every minute of the wedding, the various traditional elements surrounding it and the editing process itself. The colours are the thing that stands out the most when you watch an East Indian wedding celebration. It is vibrant, energetic and people seem to be having the most fun of their lives every minute of the day! But it’s the dancing I love the most. The free-spirited movement and passion that comes from people who are living in the moment. I’m a fan.

Natasha and Raj chose three very different pieces of music for their highlights movie. The ethereal, inspirational Olympic theme song, the acoustic version of Iris and a great, up beat dance track to finish. I tried to incorporate every important element of the four days into this movie. At the same time I tried to use the emotive qualities of the music to accentuate the emotions on screen. I think this piece really encapsulates the whole celebration.

My assistants for the shoot were Lise Mc Millan and Michelle Zerr. You guys were great. I look forward to working with you again. Joel Ross was the photographer and was an absolute pleasure to work with. He also was kind enough to provide some of his stills for various parts of the day.

So, with no further ado… watch this…

Chastity and Rodel – Connection Session

This is literally the first few minutes I have had in almost 3 weeks to update the blog.  I guess that means wedding season has officially started!

Chastity and Rodel are one of the lovely couples whose wedding I will be shooting later this year. They also happened to have booked the best photographer in town too! (Bond, my family, of course!) Last week Bond was shooting their connection session and when I heard what they were doing… I jumped at the chance to film it!

Mud. Not just a puddle… an entire mud mountain. And not just a little mud-fight either… we are talking about wallowing in the stuff!

Chastity and Rodel, you guys were phenomenal!

Check it out…

Baby Zuri

On May 7th there was a new addition to the Freyer/Angers family. Little baby Zuri. What a darling little girl!

Leah went through more than 20 hours of labour and what could subtly be called a “challenging” birth. At nearly 9 pounds, Zuri is a big girl. Leah, not so much. She did an amazing job. Rick and Joan (the grandparents) and Janelle and I were in the waiting room from a bout 8am until the the birth at about 10pm. Bond would come and give us updates every hour or so. Every time he came back, his face was a little whiter and he was a little more emotional. I know it’s a tough thing for a woman to go through, but you have to spare a thought for the husband, who sees his wife having such a rough time, but can’t do anything at all to really help her. I am amazed at the strength of both Bond and Leah through this whole thing.

I am not what you would call an emotional man. Well, I get angry pretty easily, but the rest of the emotional spectrum is a bit of a mystery to me! I think this experience may have changed me a little too. I wanted to shoot a lot of video to capture the emotional moments, but when they came, I was more caught up in them than I thought. Maybe because it’s family. If I was hired to shoot somebody else’s birthing experience it would be very different. I had always though I would make a great photojournalist. Stay detached, capture the scene, make a difference in the world by showing the truth, don’t get emotionally involved. But when I see how anxious Joan is getting, or when I see bond come out on the verge of tears… somehow it seems crass to point a video camera at them. It’s kinda like having to choose between love or art. Now, I love art, but I love love more!

The video I put together comes from several different sources, some recorded by me, but most of it is shot by Bond. There are some parts captured with a little camcorder, there are others captured with a 5D, there are a bunch filmed with the T2i and there are photos taken with a disposable camera…there is even some ultrasound footage! I had so much fun layering all this stuff together to create a simple storyline. I would have love to get more video at the hospital, but as I said… when it’s family you want to be in the moment and not a detached observer.

I just got a call from Bond, who showed the video to the girls, and tells me they were all in tears. Job well done!


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