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Thank You!

It’s been a few weeks of solid editing here in the studio. Couple more months still to go before I can wrap up all the amazing edits for 2012. I had a few moments today to look back over the great weddings we had the pleasure of being a part of this year. This is just a quick note to say thank you. Thank you to all you wonderful couples who invited us into your lives for that brief moment. It has been, and continues to be, an honour to be there to capture those memories.

This little video sums up how I feel about what we get to to for a living…

Life is made of moments like these

This video was made by the same guys who did the video in my last post. Anything else I say about it would just be a waste of words….


I am always on the lookout for it.

Here it is…

This makes me emotional.

While I am uploading all the footage from this weeks wedding (which will take about 16 hours and at least one new hard-drive!) it gives me a chance to look around the web for inspiration. Obviously Vimeo is the number 1 site for me. It is full of the the most artful video to be found anywhere in the Internet. Pretty much every video there has something that I can draw inspiration from, especially the Staff Picks.

You Tube on the other hand is more like searching for a needle in a haystack. The democratization of new media means that any person with a camera can publish his or her video and have it seen by anyone. By far the majority of the content on You Tube is more than a little underwhelming, but there are gems to be found.  Like this, which I stumbled across a few months ago…

(video removed by request)

Winnipeg… Toy-town.

Sunday afternoon.

I set up my camera from the balcony at the Fort Garry to capture a little slice of city life.

Where are all these little ants going?

What are they thinking?

Every one of them with an entire world in their imagination.

An entire world, distinct from my own.

Who are these fellow ants?

Where are they going?

So busy.

On this beautiful Sunday prairie Spring afternoon.

Masquerade – An Awesome Show!

The students from Momentum Aerial worked hard to put this show together. I spent some time watching them pour their energy into getting every little movement just right. Monica and the other teachers involved in choreographing and designing the show have put literally years into making it perfect. With all that effort going into producing the show, I believe it’s only fair that I put in every ounce of creativity I can, to make the DVD a keepsake that the students, parents and teachers can really treasure.

It started with a “Making Of” piece. I went to rehearsals and got some interviews and footage of the preparations for the show. There were three performances over the course of two days. I had 3 cameras covering each performance. That means that at any second during editing I had 9 different camera angles to work with. Awesome! I only wish that I had wedding clients that were prepared to invest in a 9 camera wedding… they would be up for a couple of Oscars! As in any repeat performance the timing was not exactly the same each time. There was even a moment in the second show where one of the characters didn’t have enough time between scenes to get her full costume on, so she had to go out as she was. These are the fun things that make editing such a magical art form. You would never know this had happened unless I told you! (Maybe I should keep my thoughts to myself next time?!)

The show is dramatic, beautiful, artistic and laugh out loud funny. I was super impressed by the level of skill and professionalism shown by the students. Chatting with the audience afterwards, they clearly felt the same way.

I put the teaser up in an earlier post, but I also wanted you to see the “Making Of” chapter and my favourite chapter: “Beethoven’s Revenge”. If you want to see more than these few clips, you will just have to buy the DVD! It goes on sale this week.

The Making Of Masquerade

Chapter 1 – Hello Dreamers

Chapter 4 – The Dance-Off

Chapter 18 – Beethoven’s Revenge

A cute little love story

Here is a little something to cheer you up on a Monday morning.

Happy Friday

Happy Friday everybody! Here’s a little video to put a smile on your face. Of course the smile on MY face is a little lop-sided right now because the freezing hasn’t quite worn off yet. (Wisdom tooth got pulled this morning).

David Graham, Solo Show – The Edge Gallery

I met David and his fiancée Lise at a wedding show a while back. We had a competition for a free photo/video wedding and they won it! We got to chatting and it turns out that David is an awesome musician. He plays in two bands at the moment, The Shouting Ground and House of Doc. He also does some solo work and that is what I had the pleasure to shoot this weekend.

The gig was at The Edge Gallery on Main, downtown. It’s a beautiful little gallery full of great sculptures and paintings. I may be doing some interesting work with Dan later this year. Anyhow, there is a front room that seats about 50 and it was jam packed for the performance.

If I had to describe David’s voice I would call it a mix between Ben Harper and Jimi. (You know which one right?). As a man who can play guitar, but is…um…vocally challenged, shall we say… I am always blown away by someone with talent like that. It was a thoroughly entertaining hour. His guitar playing, his vocals and the lyrical content were just superb. I will keep you posted if he decides to do another solo show. You should definitely be there!

So here are a couple of tracks from the night. (I am waiting to get the names of the songs and add a fourth one, and will update the post when I have had a chance to speak to David). It was a very informal shoot. Just a static camera at the back and me shooting from the side. The static camera had some issues with focus, but I think it turned out great for what it was…

Love this version…

Here’s another little inspirational music post for you. It’s the best cover version I’ve heard of “single Ladies”. Love this band. Check out the rest of their stuff… it’s all awesome.

Here’s an original by the same band…

Recognition for A Moving Picture Studios just put up a profile on me. It’s great to get some recognition.

Click here to visit and read the article.

It’s all about my Save the Date videos. They are a fun, fresh way to invite guests to remember your wedding date and get ready to have a good time!

It’s an art that we pioneered here in Winnipeg quite some time ago. (Beware of pale imitations!) Have a look at the article and check out the unique concepts that we put together for each of the 4 couples featured in the article. I love coming up with fresh ideas for every couple I work with on these videos. It really is a fun way to spend an afternoon…. and your guests will LOVE it!

Engagement Videos: Raising The Bar – our video chosen by

I LOVED every minute of shooting Chris and Michelle’s wedding. Their Engagement Shoot was a blast! Today their video was placed on, a wonderful website full or resources for Canadian brides.

They said:

Express Yourself!

Ten years ago, a formal engagement photo session (what everyone calls e-sessions these days) was still a novelty. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a wedding not preceded by a gorgeous engagement portrait, displayed at the reception or even a complete photo shoot – an album in its own right.. We ‘ve run some fairly amazing engagement photo features in the past.

Well, why not step it up a notch? Engagement videos allow you to capture your love on film, for ever.. in a relaxed atmosphere, without the stress of the wedding day schedule. Too, you can take your time and select locations and themes and clothing that perfectly expresses you.

You can visit the article and watch the video here. They will also be doing a feature on my Save the Date videos sometime soon. I will keep you posted.


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