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Cinematic Wedding Highlights – Arlene & Ryan

I kinda fall in love with each couple I work with. We get so invested in their relationship as we get to know them better during the planning of the wedding shoot. On the day, I just love how the nerves in the early morning get replaced with excitement just before the ceremony and a general party mood right after. It’s one of the great things about this type of work. I get to hang out with people when they are happy!

We did both photo and video coverage of Arlene and Ryan’s wedding. I love being able to use both video and stills to document the day. The stills give you a few, select, frozen moments in time. They have an appeal in that you are left to imagine the sounds and movement surrounding the moment. As a couple, you really want those one or two iconic images that you can frame or put on canvas to hang in your home. My favourite from this wedding is the moment just as the groom flings the garter and the boys are poised and ready to “pants” him. Their expressions are priceless. What I particularly love is that we were able to capture that moment as a photo and then blend it in with the video of that crazy Filipino tradition. (Watch out for it near the end of the movie).

Yes, photos are great, but the real emotion is in the video. Ryan’s mom’s speech about how much she is going to miss him had me all choked up thinking about how much I will miss Jonah when he is all grown up and leaves home. Those moments are why you absolutely MUST get video for your wedding. It’s the only way to preserve the speeches and the vows and the thousand other moments that deserve to live on after the day is done.

Enjoy the video and here are a couple more stills for you too…


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Photoshoot Fun!

Here is a sneak pee of Janice and Lee’s wedding. It’s the photoshoot chapter. Man. did we have fun!

Thanks again to Dustin Leader Photography for being awesome and cool all day long. It is a pleasure to work with professionals!

kristy and Philip – A Cinematic Fusion Photo Shoot

We now offer cinematic fusion.

“What is cinematic fusion?” I hear you ask.

It’s this:

Chas & Rodel – Teaser from the photo-shoot

Just about done editing Chas and Rodel’s wedding. This is a very short post to show the photo-shoot part of the day. So much fun. Thanks to Bond from BLF Studios for the stills.

Baby Zuri

On May 7th there was a new addition to the Freyer/Angers family. Little baby Zuri. What a darling little girl!

Leah went through more than 20 hours of labour and what could subtly be called a “challenging” birth. At nearly 9 pounds, Zuri is a big girl. Leah, not so much. She did an amazing job. Rick and Joan (the grandparents) and Janelle and I were in the waiting room from a bout 8am until the the birth at about 10pm. Bond would come and give us updates every hour or so. Every time he came back, his face was a little whiter and he was a little more emotional. I know it’s a tough thing for a woman to go through, but you have to spare a thought for the husband, who sees his wife having such a rough time, but can’t do anything at all to really help her. I am amazed at the strength of both Bond and Leah through this whole thing.

I am not what you would call an emotional man. Well, I get angry pretty easily, but the rest of the emotional spectrum is a bit of a mystery to me! I think this experience may have changed me a little too. I wanted to shoot a lot of video to capture the emotional moments, but when they came, I was more caught up in them than I thought. Maybe because it’s family. If I was hired to shoot somebody else’s birthing experience it would be very different. I had always though I would make a great photojournalist. Stay detached, capture the scene, make a difference in the world by showing the truth, don’t get emotionally involved. But when I see how anxious Joan is getting, or when I see bond come out on the verge of tears… somehow it seems crass to point a video camera at them. It’s kinda like having to choose between love or art. Now, I love art, but I love love more!

The video I put together comes from several different sources, some recorded by me, but most of it is shot by Bond. There are some parts captured with a little camcorder, there are others captured with a 5D, there are a bunch filmed with the T2i and there are photos taken with a disposable camera…there is even some ultrasound footage! I had so much fun layering all this stuff together to create a simple storyline. I would have love to get more video at the hospital, but as I said… when it’s family you want to be in the moment and not a detached observer.

I just got a call from Bond, who showed the video to the girls, and tells me they were all in tears. Job well done!

Competition winners announced!

After much deliberation Michelle Zerr and I have come to a decision about the winning couple for our free photo/video contest.

Lise and David are artists. She is a dancer and he is a musician. Being artists ourselves, Michelle and I were naturally drawn to their entry. Although Manitoba, and Canada in general, support the arts more than any of the many countries I have called home, choosing a career as an artist of any kind is a long and difficult road to travel. For the lucky few that make it to the top, it’s the most fulfilling occupation in the world. But, for every one that makes it, thousands more are scratching out a  living, just making ends meet. (And more often – not quite making ends meet at all).

So, it’s with great pleasure that we contacted Lise to let her know that she and David had won. (David was in Vancouver, playing in a band at some Olympic venues.) She was over the moon. We are looking forward to meeting you both on person Lise and David, so we can put together all the little details to make the day extraordinary!

To all of you wonderful couples who entered, but didn’t win:

Thank you for taking the time to enter. We loved reading your stories. I have sent you each a personal email with a great discount offer as a measure of our thanks. We hope to be there for your amazing wedding days too!

Michele and Joseph – Save the date!

Michele and Joseph are getting married on August 28th this year. It just so happens that August 28th is my birthday too! If you are going to spend your birthday working, it might as well be with a wonderful couple like this! That way it doesn’t even feel like work.

This last Saturday I spent a few hours at Michele’s house putting together their Save the Date video. We had discussed a bunch of different ideas and finally settled on an artistic photomotion style video. Joseph also emailed me some of their e-shoot pictures which I animated by cutting them into layers and processing in 3D. We chopped up a whole mess of fruit to make the fireworks effect you can see in the video. It was certainly messy but the results are totally worth it. (Sorry about your tablecloth guys!) When you are making a video with fruit, what better song to use than: “I’ve got you under my skin”!

I am looking forward to the wedding!

More great competition entries

The entries are piling up for the competition now. Get yours in as soon as you can to be considered  for the $4000 prize package! Here are some more entries…

Amanda writes:

My fiancé Stephen and I have been together for just over 5 years. We first met in grade 2, and have been good friends all our lives. Our romance first began in grade 3, continued on in grade 4,5 and 8. In grade 4 my past best friend and I got into a fight over Stephen as we were both in “like” with him! Well that resulted in him choosing me over her and I suppose that was our first sign that we were meant to be together! Well we continued to be good friends all through junior high and high school as we attended the same schools. It wasn’t unil grade 12 that we both realized that we had a serious crush on each other (although neither of us knew about the others feelings)… for the first few months of the school year I had a boyfriend and he had a girlfriend…one day during lunch hour in the cafeteria I took it upon myself to put my phone number in his cell phone (VERY much so something that I usually wouldn’t do!) So since we were friends to begin with, we started hanging out more often (with other people of course)…well one thing lead to another…I broke up with my boyfriend….and a few weeks later Stephen broke up with his girlfriend (not knowing that the other was single). This then lead to a lot more “hanging out”…New Years Eve is where it technically all began (officially!)…I was at a house party in our area and he was at a different party a few block away…at eleven thirty we were texting back and forth and decided that since we were so close we should meet up at the school which was in the middle of the two locations….it was gorgeous outside! It was a picture perfect night sky, full of stars, and it was gently snowing…we met on the sidewalk just beside the playground….and I wanted to kiss him so bad! (but we hadn’t kissed yet and I didn’t dare make the first move…) so we greeted each other…engaged in awkward conversation and then at midnight he went ninety and I went ten! It was perfect! Just as I had always hoped it would be! After the magical moment we decided to join his friends party together…as a couple…it shocked everyone as we are complete opposites..but it works, it’s perfect, it’s us…and we are in love!

We have planned our wedding for July 10, 2010 and the time is approaching fast and furious and I couldn’t be more excited! We cannot wait to start out lives together as husband and wife…we have just bought our first house together, I am graduating university in the Spring and we are creating a new beginning…together…I couldn’t be any happier, and I know that he feels the same! We are not only high school sweethearts, but life long sweethearts! I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else! I love him with all my heart and hope that we are able to have the moment we commit to each other for the rest of our lives as we exchange vows recorded! This is something that we have always wanted but weren’t able to fit into our budget…please help us make this wish come true!

Jerelyn writes:

My fiance and I are not your typical Don’t get me wrong, weve been together for 8 years, we love each other dearly and we do all of the usual lovey-dovey stuff: like go out on dates, hold hands, enjoy nice dinners together, etc but what really brings us to life is our mutual love and interest for the sport of Muay Thai Kickboxing! Muay Thai Kickboxing is a martial art originating from Thailand and it is one of the most deadly full-sports around. It is commonly known as the art of 8-limbs since it uses 8 points of contact: punches, elbows, knees and kicks. Weve been training in the sport for 6 years and also compete in amateur fights together. We love the sport so much that we even considered going to Thailand as a honeymoon destination to train in a high intensity Muay Thai camp! We would have been training 6-7 days a week for 5-6 hours a day! Not your typical romantic get-away, but it was something that we both seriously considered since we considered it to be a great opportunity. People thought we were crazy! After careful consideration, we finally decided not to go this time around, but we will make it down there at some point in our lives and instead choose to travel to the Philippines to visit the Motherland. I was born here in Winnipeg, but my parents were born in the Philippines. Im a proud Filipino-Canadian who didnt fully appreciate my culture until I had the opportunity to travel to the Philippines for the first time in 2005. My Fianc is truly the best! I seriously believe he loves my culture MORE than I do! He loves the food and has gone out of his way to take Tagalog speaking lessons. He has such a keen interest in learning as much as he can about the Philippines. Its truly amazing!
Besides kickboxing, my fiance and I both also compete in indoor soccer and baseball throughout the year. The one thing that we don’t do together is run; I am a marathon runner, while he is content with being just a spectator and waits for me at the finish line. It is apparent to everyone we know that we are a highly active couple who enjoy playing sports together and spend more time involved in physical activities than we do spending the usual quality time most couples spend together; such as going for walks and watching movies. We wouldnt have it any other way! This is how we choose to live our lives and we absolutely love it!
My fiance and I met at the Grand Beach Surf Club. I wasnt supposed to be there that night. I wasnt in the mood to go to the beach that day, nor go to the Surf Club that night because I was bummed that a good friend of mine was moving to another country. My darling friends, Tannis and Sarah did not take no for an answer. It was as though they knew I had to be there. Im usually not one to be easily swayed, but they were able to convince me somehow, if it wasn’t for them I wouldnt be there that night. Long story short, I met my fiance that night and weve been together ever since. He was from East St. Paul and I was from Fort Rouge. I truly believe our paths would not have crossed had it not been for that night. It was fate, it was truly meant to be!
We deserve the Free Photo + Video Wedding Package because we are truly a unique and active couple whom you can have an opportunity to pose in a variety of action shots that other couples may not be able to do! Picking us to win will give you an opportunity to film a couple who enjoy training together in a variety of sports, who met each other in a chance encounter where we likely would never have met had it not been for the persuasion of two friends and where 8 years later we remain committed to each other and best of all we are each others best friend.
We are paying for our wedding without any assistance financially from our families. We are on a strict budget and do not have the means to pay for a videographer and photographer. After viewing your website, it is clear that having a videographer would provide us with a unique and long-lasting souvenir of our big day. Unfortunately, the cost to have a videographer would pay for the price of aprox. 134 guests to attend our reception. As much as I would love to pay for the videographer I cannot justify the cost, I would rather have the 134 guests attend. I come from a big Filipino family and family means everything, so I need to have them all there, making cuts to the guest list is not an option. This contest has provided me with a once in a lifetime opportunity to realize the dream of having all of my family friends in attendance and in capturing these moments on video to share with my family in the Philippines. When we travel to the Philippines for our honeymoon it will be far more meaningful to have video to show to my family members who were not able to attend than just photos.
I truly believe that there is a reason why this contest came to my attention, its fate…I believe with all my heart we deserve and are destined to win!

Devin and Sheneza write:

My fiancé and I are contacting you about getting a free film and photography session. We come from two very different but interesting backgrounds. The Sinclairs are care free and always up for a good time, I am a 3rd generation of Scottish decent with a few other European bits in me. Sheneza, my fiancé is Hindu and from the Caribbean, she was born in Trinidad and Tobago, but was raised in Guyana. Our families have met and get along very well and should prove to be quite entertaining at our wedding.

Now to why we feel we deserve this package. Few people are as passionate about each other as Sheneza and me about each other. This has been tested quite a few time over the past year and a half. We have had to put up with jealous friends, stalkers, cultural differences, and unemployment. Due to the poor economy we had to survive off of one income and pay two rents for 4 months this summer and as a result we are in need of any help we can get.

On top of the financial difficulties we have seen, we also have two different cultures we are trying to respect and honour. In order to do this we have had to organize two separate weddings. One is taking place in Manitoba just outside of Niverville, on June 25th 2011, the other is taking place in Guyana in late July or early August. We plan on incorporating a bit of both cultures into both of our weddings. While at the Wonderful Wedding Show, two Companies asked us to be featured in their 2010 magazines, so covering our wedding may provide you with some free advertising and some great exposure. We hope that you are as excited as we are at the prospect of doing the filming and photography at our wedding.

Free Wedding Video + Photo Package… yes… FREE!

I am very excited to announce that I have joined forces with Michelle Zerr Photography to offer the most affordable, high quality photo + video combo packages in Manitoba!

Booking a separate photographer and videographer can be expensive. The average photography package (of this level of quality) is around $2500. For this kind of videography coverage you would need to pay around $2500 too. So, booked separately you are looking at around $5000 for full, high quality coverage of your wedding. We have decided to offer you a savings of more than $1000! Four just $3995 you get a full day’s worth of photo and video coverage with DVDs, slide-shows and photo albums included.

For more details about our combined services you can visit

The base package covers the full ceremony, the photo-shoot and the reception, which is perfect for most people’s needs. We offer all kinds of interesting extras that you can add onto your package too. There are examples of the work we offer there too.

In honour of our new partnership we will be offering one lucky couple FREE coverage of their wedding.

Free photo + video wedding package.

The package is worth $3995 and includes the following…

ceremony + photoshoot + reception coverage
slide-show/video for reception
online proof gallery (photo)
coffee table book + 2 parent albums
leather bound dvd + 2 parent copies
modern slide show of best photos
highlights music video
wireless microphone
on + off camera lighting
thank you dvds for bridal party
custom website hosting photos and video
all digital negatives (photo)

To win this outstanding package all you need to do is contact us, and tell us why you feel you deserve to win.

Most entertaining story wins.

It’s that simple.

Here are the Rules:

1. Your wedding needs to be taking place on a single day in 2010 or 2011.

2. It needs to be happening within 100km of Winnipeg and obviously be on a date for which we are not yet booked.

3. By entering you are giving us permission to publish your stories on our blogs and social media streams.

4. The contest is open to any couple who has not yet booked our services as of January 25th 2010.

5. You must submit your story through the contact page of BOTH websites:


Entries sent through only one contact page or by any other means do not qualify.

We are super excited to read your entries. Good luck, and remember… the most entertaining story wins!


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