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What’s happening in the studio right now…

Just busy editing Arlene and Ryan’s photos and though I would share a couple of my favourite images from this afternoon’s session. After the stills are all edited I will be scouring the video for some great still captures that can help bring the final photo album to life. I do love photography, but what I am most looking forward to is putting together the cinematic feature film for this wedding! Cinematography is, after all, my first love!

(Well, actually Janelle is my first Love, capital “L” and cinematography is my first love, little “l”, but you know what I mean, right?)

Here are some images for you to share and enjoy…



Jill & Mike – A Clear Lake Wedding Music Video

Janelle and I drove out to Clear lake to shoot Jill and Mike’s wedding movie. We always knew it was going to be a good one, but there is no way we could have known how much fun it would be to shoot the music video part of the day!

From the lake front to the beautiful open fields to the forested areas… there were just so many amazing little places to shoot. A couple of months before the wedding Jill sent out a little instructional video on the dance moves she wanted the wedding party to practice for the grand entrance. I suggested we shoot the rehearsals too so we could cut them into the entrance and then we decided the best thing would be to just make a little music video of the whole thing. So here it is….


Photoshoot Fun!

Here is a sneak pee of Janice and Lee’s wedding. It’s the photoshoot chapter. Man. did we have fun!

Thanks again to Dustin Leader Photography for being awesome and cool all day long. It is a pleasure to work with professionals!

kristy and Philip – A Cinematic Fusion Photo Shoot

We now offer cinematic fusion.

“What is cinematic fusion?” I hear you ask.

It’s this:

Kim and Phil – A Spring Wedding #fb

kim and phil-603

So we are doing a lot more fusion weddings here this year. My first love is definitely cinematography, but there is also something deeply satisfying in capturing a single perfect moment in time on an otherwise busy and frenetic day. For Kim and Phil’s wedding this weekend I had the assistance of the always wonderful Michelle Zerr with the photography side of the wedding.

kim and phil-702

The weather promised to be awful all week. Actually,  when I woke up they were calling for tornado warnings all over Southern Manitoba! Rule #1 of capturing a wedding: Don’t let the couple get sucked into a tornado the morning they are supposed to say their vows! Our plan B was the Manitoba Hydro building. As soon as we had the first look, the sun came out and we made the call to head to Assiniboine Park for an hour or two before the ceremony. I am soo happy the weather played along. We got some gems…

kim and phil-127

kim and phil-124

kim and phil-448

kim and phil-137

The ceremony was at the spectacular St. Ignatius church. The only way to get a photo of the whole family… fish eye….

kim and phil-597

The reception was at the Marlborough. I love when we get to shoot up on the roof there…

kim and phil-706

So these were a few of my favourite shots from the day. The video will take a few weeks to get edited, so look out for that!

Thanks to Tracy from Moments Event Planning for all the hard work and the spectacular reception. I love working with professional, friendly and easygoing people!!!!

Chas & Rodel – Teaser from the photo-shoot

Just about done editing Chas and Rodel’s wedding. This is a very short post to show the photo-shoot part of the day. So much fun. Thanks to Bond from BLF Studios for the stills.

Courtney and Derek – Photoshoot

It was a gorgeous Manitoba Summer afternoon at Assiniboine park where Courtney and Derek had their first meeting on their wedding day.

Now, even though I still think of myself as a South African, I am not so great with the heat. Give me anything in the +15 to -15 degree range and I am a happy cinematographer. Anything over +25 and I need to change my shirt every five minutes. Anything below -25 and I curl up into the foetal position and wait for Spring. So this last Saturday was a bit challenging for me running around with a Steadycam strapped to me trying to get as much dynamic footage as possible in the +30 degree heat. That said, it was totally worth it! Courtney and Derek may as well have just stepped off the cover of Elle and GQ they looked so fresh on the day. The couple and the whole entourage were just great. It was another fun day in sunny Manitoba.

Here is the Intro/first meeting and the photo shoot for you to enjoy…

Maggie and Colin – Photoshoot video

Maggie and Colin won a complimentary Save the date video through one of the Madeline’s wedding shows we took part in some time ago. We shot the video at Bird’s Hill Park and they enjoyed it so much they decided to hire me as their wedding cinematographer too!

It was a great wedding day for a number of reasons. Bond, from BLF Studios was the photographer on the day. Its always great to work with him. I am looking forward to seeing the photos. The weather cooperated beautifully too. It was a sunny, yet cool day pretty much all day. (Until 9:30pm when I was packing away my gear… the last time I saw rain like that was during a typhoon in Jongli, Taiwan, which messed up the water system so badly that we were without running water for nearly a month!).

I am not feeling particularly verbose or eloquent today, so here are the Save the Date video and the Photo-shoot for you to enjoy…


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