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Leilani & Joel

This wedding was full of character and characters… always a pleasure to be a part of! You may remember this couple and their entourage from a little music video we put together for them just after the wedding.

Favourite speech of the year so far goes to Leilani’s brother talking about his private investigation into whether or not she and Joel were dating. Super funny!

A huge thanks to Events by Emma for the amazing touches she and her team put together for the reception at the convention centre. And a shoutout to Lise and Kris who shot the footage on this one.

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Jennifer & Dennett – Winnipeg Wedding Music Video

We had a blast shooting this music video for Jennifer and Dennett’s wedding earlier this summer. It’s always a challenge when you have a bridal party the size of a football team (or two!), but these guys rocked! Thanks again to BLF Studios for being so great to work with on the day.

The main cinematic feature is still a couple of months away. If this little teaser is anything to go by it’s going to be a lot of fun to edit too! Here are a couple of stills I pulled from the video…



Sarah & BJ – Wedding Video Teaser

Lise directed this shoot with our alternate crew…and what a stunning job she did! Loads of eye-candy to choose from when putting together this little teaser! I can`t wait to get to the main feature edit.

Jill & Mike – A Clear Lake Wedding Music Video

Janelle and I drove out to Clear lake to shoot Jill and Mike’s wedding movie. We always knew it was going to be a good one, but there is no way we could have known how much fun it would be to shoot the music video part of the day!

From the lake front to the beautiful open fields to the forested areas… there were just so many amazing little places to shoot. A couple of months before the wedding Jill sent out a little instructional video on the dance moves she wanted the wedding party to practice for the grand entrance. I suggested we shoot the rehearsals too so we could cut them into the entrance and then we decided the best thing would be to just make a little music video of the whole thing. So here it is….


Same Day Edit – Vanessa & Tyler

Nearly everybody plays a slide-show of their old photos which is always good for a laugh, but if you really want to be memorable, a Same Day Edit is the only way to go. For Vanessa and Tyler’s wedding this last week, we had about 200KM of driving to get through on the day, which was the perfect opportunity to get the edit done. I took some moments form the Hair Salon and Tyler’s getting ready as well as the big moments from the ceremony. This, together with an emotional soundtrack and a few beautiful shots from the photo-shoot and you have a same day edit that brings a tear to the eye!

I wish it was actually as simple as that! There is a huge amount of planning and scrambling to get the shots edited in the ridiculously short time available on the day. To edit a 4 minute photo-shoot will usually take me the better part of a 10 hour work day, so putting together a 2 to 3 minute SDE (Same Day Edit) in under 60 minutes is a little challenging, to say the least! It is best to play the video as an intro before the Bride and Groom’s speech. To get it finished by then means I have to use every spare second throughout the day to get the pieces to fit together. I have to say I thrive on the pressure!

Like our full DVDs, every SDE is different. It really depends on the little moments that stand out for us on the day. The music is a big part of the character too. Could be fun, or romantic or deeply emotional. We take our cue from each couple. With Vanessa and Tyler it was just so obvious how deeply they love each other. That kind of bond deserves a deeply emotional score. So here it is:


I had so much fun shooting this little movie trailer on Saturday that I just had to share it today.

Sheila, the bride in question couldn’t be a sweeter person or more opposite to an actual Bridezilla (not that I have EVER actually had to work with one!!!). That’s why it was so much fun for her to act out the craziness for the trailer. Mitch and the kids were fantastic too.

Enough said…..

Cheryl and Elton – Music Video

This was the most fun I have had shooting a wedding…EVER. I always have fun when I get to spend the happiest day of people’s lives with them, but this was just different.

Cheryl and Elton are party people. Hell, who am I kidding…the entire wedding party are party people. They were up for anything and always ready to ham it up for the music video shoot which we planned throughout the day. I haven’t got to editing the full DVD for them yet because I just HAD to start on the music video first. More about that as i get to it. Here’s the video…

Annalyn and Joe – Music Video

We were at the Wonderful Wedding Show this year when Joe and Annalyn walked past our booth. They saw our videos and booked us right there and then. I am so glad they did because their wedding last Saturday was insane!

Early on they decided to do a music video on the wedding day. They chose the party song “Tick-Tock”. Throughout the day we got people to contribute a line or two from the song and then I edited it all together in a music video style. It was so much fun. Usually people can be a bit shy about this sort of thing but everyone was great. I particularly love how Annalyn quietly smiles as Joe does the crazy walk in the parking garage! If you want to add a fun element to the day I would HIGHLY recommend doing one of these.

The rest of the chapters will take a little while to edit, but here’s that video for your viewing pleasure…

Ever wonder what happens in the Limo while you’re out having your wedding photos taken?

Just going over my 2TB of hard drive space trying to get things cleaned up for the 4TB of raw footage I will need to put onto them this wedding season and came across a funny little video I made for Jodis and James last year. This is what goes on in the Limo while you’re out getting you beautiful photos taken… (Shot by the Best Man with a tiny camcorder so the picture quality is not professional grade!)

Selena and James – Fireworks and Fun!

You can see the music video we made for Selena and James in an earlier post. Here are some of the other chapters in their video for you to enjoy. If you like you can also visit the 2010 client website section of the website to see the unique sites we build for every one of our wonderful clients.

We wanted to keep things fun and fresh so I used a lot of different effects in the edit. There are upbeat sections and slower sections for a bit of variety. You will be watching your wedding video hundreds of times in your life so it’s important that it stands up to being watched over and over again. Varied pacing and styles are the way to achieve this. I hope you enjoy watching these and feel free to leave a comment…

Getting Ready…

Photo Shoot…



Recognition for A Moving Picture Studios just put up a profile on me. It’s great to get some recognition.

Click here to visit and read the article.

It’s all about my Save the Date videos. They are a fun, fresh way to invite guests to remember your wedding date and get ready to have a good time!

It’s an art that we pioneered here in Winnipeg quite some time ago. (Beware of pale imitations!) Have a look at the article and check out the unique concepts that we put together for each of the 4 couples featured in the article. I love coming up with fresh ideas for every couple I work with on these videos. It really is a fun way to spend an afternoon…. and your guests will LOVE it!

A Wedding Music Video – Love It!!!

Selena and James got married at Bridges Golf Course this weekend. It was a beautiful day.

We started out at Selena’s house for some getting ready shots. When the boys arrived we had the first meeting  on the open staircase in the house. What a great couple they are. Obviously in love!

After that we went out to the legislative building and St. Boniface cathedral for some formal shots. Selena works for Nygard, so she was lucky enough to have the services of their senior fashion photographer, John Bartelings, to cover her photography for the day. I’m looking forward to seeing the photos! After that we made a dash for Bridges which is out West on the number 2. It was stunning with the deep blanket of snow all around… I can’t wait to shoot there in the Summer too.

The wedding was an understated and highly tasteful affair, held in the main room at Bridges. Its a picturesque clubhouse with loads of exposed wooden beams and windows all the way around.

When we were consulting about the day’s coverage we discussed the concept of making a music video of the day. After going through a long list of possible songs the couple decided on “I got a feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas. It’s just the perfect song for a wedding day! The bridesmaids were spectacular at bringing the energy up. They were singing and dancing ALL DAY! You rock!!! I got many of the guests in on the action too by giving them a line or two to sing too. (Some were more shy than others!) The coolest part was definitely the dance that the whole entourage performed after the couple’s first dance. They started off to a slow song and then broke into a fantastic choreography routine with sunglasses and attitude! The highlight of the evening was an awesome fireworks display out over the snowy fields.

So here is the music video we made. It was a lot of fun to put together. I hope you like it and, as always, comments are most welcome!


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