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Cinematic Wedding Highlights – Arlene & Ryan

I kinda fall in love with each couple I work with. We get so invested in their relationship as we get to know them better during the planning of the wedding shoot. On the day, I just love how the nerves in the early morning get replaced with excitement just before the ceremony and a general party mood right after. It’s one of the great things about this type of work. I get to hang out with people when they are happy!

We did both photo and video coverage of Arlene and Ryan’s wedding. I love being able to use both video and stills to document the day. The stills give you a few, select, frozen moments in time. They have an appeal in that you are left to imagine the sounds and movement surrounding the moment. As a couple, you really want those one or two iconic images that you can frame or put on canvas to hang in your home. My favourite from this wedding is the moment just as the groom flings the garter and the boys are poised and ready to “pants” him. Their expressions are priceless. What I particularly love is that we were able to capture that moment as a photo and then blend it in with the video of that crazy Filipino tradition. (Watch out for it near the end of the movie).

Yes, photos are great, but the real emotion is in the video. Ryan’s mom’s speech about how much she is going to miss him had me all choked up thinking about how much I will miss Jonah when he is all grown up and leaves home. Those moments are why you absolutely MUST get video for your wedding. It’s the only way to preserve the speeches and the vows and the thousand other moments that deserve to live on after the day is done.

Enjoy the video and here are a couple more stills for you too…


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What’s happening in the studio right now…

Just busy editing Arlene and Ryan’s photos and though I would share a couple of my favourite images from this afternoon’s session. After the stills are all edited I will be scouring the video for some great still captures that can help bring the final photo album to life. I do love photography, but what I am most looking forward to is putting together the cinematic feature film for this wedding! Cinematography is, after all, my first love!

(Well, actually Janelle is my first Love, capital “L” and cinematography is my first love, little “l”, but you know what I mean, right?)

Here are some images for you to share and enjoy…



Analee & Ian – Cinematic Wedding Highlights

I met Analee and Ian in the depths of winter. We shot a beautiful Save the Date video early in the year and I was excited to see what they had in store for the big day.

Spectacular. Just spectacular!

The highlight for me while editing this shoot was definitely the lanterns. I spent 5 years in Taiwan and every year there was a lantern festival where the sky what lit up by thousands of these beautiful paper lanterns. Each one carrying the hopes and prayers of the family that sent it up to the heavens. For a couple like Analee and Ian who have known each other for most of their lives my wish is that they learn to fall more in love with each other with every passing year.

Here are a couple of stills I grabbed from the video…


Mikyla & Nicolas – Cinematic Feature

There is nothing quite like a sunny Manitoba Summer day to make you feel the love. Add a country wedding between a couple so clearly head over heals for each other to the mix and it’s a recipe for ear to ear smiles all round!

Kris and I made the early morning drive out to Winkler to shoot Mikyla and Nicolas’s wedding early this Summer. With the birds chirping and the Cicadas buzzing all around it was easy to get into the breezy Summer vibe that the couple created for this celebration. Any time the groom is wearing flip-flops to a wedding is guaranteed to be a good time! The reception took place in an old bard that was decorated spectacularly well. It was like something right off the pages of a bridal magazine under the heading “Elegant Country Wedding”.

We always strive to make our movies reflect the personalities of the couple. Watch till the end to see a funny little incident we recreated just for these two crazy kids!

Here are a couple of still frames from the video to get you started…



Sarah & BJ – Wedding Video Teaser

Lise directed this shoot with our alternate crew…and what a stunning job she did! Loads of eye-candy to choose from when putting together this little teaser! I can`t wait to get to the main feature edit.

Jill & Mike – A Clear Lake Wedding Music Video

Janelle and I drove out to Clear lake to shoot Jill and Mike’s wedding movie. We always knew it was going to be a good one, but there is no way we could have known how much fun it would be to shoot the music video part of the day!

From the lake front to the beautiful open fields to the forested areas… there were just so many amazing little places to shoot. A couple of months before the wedding Jill sent out a little instructional video on the dance moves she wanted the wedding party to practice for the grand entrance. I suggested we shoot the rehearsals too so we could cut them into the entrance and then we decided the best thing would be to just make a little music video of the whole thing. So here it is….


Gurjinder and Charnjit – Teaser

Just a little taste of the reception at the Marlborough Hotel in Winnipeg. What a beautiful reception it was!

Photoshoot Fun!

Here is a sneak pee of Janice and Lee’s wedding. It’s the photoshoot chapter. Man. did we have fun!

Thanks again to Dustin Leader Photography for being awesome and cool all day long. It is a pleasure to work with professionals!

Highlights – Wendy and Reagan – Winnipeg wedding Videographer

Wendy and Reagan got hitched in July. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful celebration. The B Crew covered the earlier parts of the day and then I joined them at the reception after I finished my shoot. What can I say? I am a workoholic!
When you listen to Wendy’s sister talk about the couple and when you see them together on the dance floor, it’s just so obvious that they are meant for eachother. It’s seeing that sort of emotion that drew me to this work in the first place and it is what I love most about what I get to do for a living.
Enjoy the video!

Kulvir & Bal – Winnipeg + Vancouver Wedding Video

To say this family is photogenic is the understatement of the century. Joel Ross and I just had the most wonderful time shooting Kulvir and Bal’s wedding in Winnipeg and Vancouver.

This is the craziest time of the year for any wedding cinematography professional. Mid-Summer has just passed and now the real work starts… putting together all those amazing clips into a movie that captures the emotions of the celebration and works as a piece of art. No small task, but when you have the honour of shooting a couple who are so easygoing and whose families make you feel welcome and are happy to try out all your crazy ideas for shots… this is the kind on Same day Edit you end up with…

Cheryl and Norbert – Music Video

Cheryl and Norber got married on a beautiful sunny Summer day. Lise and Kris covered their wedding and got all this great footage for their music video. I love my crew!

Kim and Phil – Video Highlights – Winnipeg Wedding Videographer

Here are a couple of pics from behind the scenes of the photo-shoot for Kim and Phil’s wedding. If the wind isn’t blowing in the right direction… you just have to improvise!




I met with Kim and Phil for the first time so long ago that it feels like we have been friends forever! Having shot their social, e-shoot and wedding I feel really invested in them as a couple. When you hear them speak about each other when they are in separate rooms, you can just see the love and respect they have for each other. When they are together you can feel it. I am super happy that we could be even a small part of their celebration…


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