Jennifer & Dennett – Winnipeg Wedding Music Video

We had a blast shooting this music video for Jennifer and Dennett’s wedding earlier this summer. It’s always a challenge when you have a bridal party the size of a football team (or two!), but these guys rocked! Thanks again to BLF Studios for being so great to work with on the day.

The main cinematic feature is still a couple of months away. If this little teaser is anything to go by it’s going to be a lot of fun to edit too! Here are a couple of stills I pulled from the video…



Marie Cecile & Matthew – A Multicultural Celebration

It’s not often you see a wedding with so many diverse cultural elements woven into the day. Marie Cecile and Matthew actually had 3 costume changes and 2 dance performances at the reception, not to mention the traditional Filipino performers that entertained the crown throughout the evening. Never a dull moment!

The couple had some bad luck in the run up to the big day, culminating in Marie Cecile’s parents not being given their travel documents in time to be there for the wedding. I will be putting more of the longer version online later for those who couldn’t be there. They got through the hurdles of the day so now they are sure to have a lifetime of smooth sailing from here on in!

Thanks as always to Manny Sousa for being so easy to work with on the day. Also a shout out to The Hilton for the great meal.



Belle & Ben – Same Day Edit

In this world there are some people who are just so easy to love. Belle and Ben are both like that. Just seeing how calm and easygoing they are with each other and how everything about them is positive and about doing good…. I fell in love with them both when we first met and spending the day with them last weekend just reconfirmed how awesome they are.

Here is a little sneak peek SDE that I put together just before dinner at the reception. Best moment for me: Belle’s huge smile when they had just exchanged vows!

As always it was truly a pleasure working with Jerry Vergel who did the photography. The reception was spectacular at the Viscount, which has sort of been a home away from home for me this summer!



Last week, Protunity launched. I made a video presentation for them that was put up on a hundred foot screen at the Convention Centre. I had a 48 hour turnaround time on this once the final scrip reached me. Love the pressure!

Heidi & Chen – Same day Edit

We went out for a romantic picnic at The Forks in the early summer. It was such a perfect day. Sushi and sunshine! Originally the wedding ceremony was going to be at the Forks too so the plan was to weave in some shots of the couple cross fading between the picnic session and the wedding. Winnipeg’s weather doesn’t always play nicely, so they decided on their (equally gorgeous in its own way) alternate venue which made that plan impossible. We did get enough of a break in the weather to shoot outside in the amazing Fall foliage. One of the most beautiful locations we have shot in this year, actually!

The reception was at Kum Koon garden in Chinatown. What a beautiful spread. The traditional 8 course meal reminded me so much of the big, end of year celebrations we used to have when I lived in Taiwan.

Thanks again to Melissa Johnstone from sugar and soul photography who was so great to work with all day long. Look out for her in action in the SDE video too!


Mikyla & Nicolas – Cinematic Feature

There is nothing quite like a sunny Manitoba Summer day to make you feel the love. Add a country wedding between a couple so clearly head over heals for each other to the mix and it’s a recipe for ear to ear smiles all round!

Kris and I made the early morning drive out to Winkler to shoot Mikyla and Nicolas’s wedding early this Summer. With the birds chirping and the Cicadas buzzing all around it was easy to get into the breezy Summer vibe that the couple created for this celebration. Any time the groom is wearing flip-flops to a wedding is guaranteed to be a good time! The reception took place in an old bard that was decorated spectacularly well. It was like something right off the pages of a bridal magazine under the heading “Elegant Country Wedding”.

We always strive to make our movies reflect the personalities of the couple. Watch till the end to see a funny little incident we recreated just for these two crazy kids!

Here are a couple of still frames from the video to get you started…



Sarah & BJ – Wedding Video Teaser

Lise directed this shoot with our alternate crew…and what a stunning job she did! Loads of eye-candy to choose from when putting together this little teaser! I can`t wait to get to the main feature edit.

Jill & Mike – A Clear Lake Wedding Music Video

Janelle and I drove out to Clear lake to shoot Jill and Mike’s wedding movie. We always knew it was going to be a good one, but there is no way we could have known how much fun it would be to shoot the music video part of the day!

From the lake front to the beautiful open fields to the forested areas… there were just so many amazing little places to shoot. A couple of months before the wedding Jill sent out a little instructional video on the dance moves she wanted the wedding party to practice for the grand entrance. I suggested we shoot the rehearsals too so we could cut them into the entrance and then we decided the best thing would be to just make a little music video of the whole thing. So here it is….


Kristen & Keith – A Cinematic Wedding Feature

By all accounts it took a long time for Kristen and Keith to get to this place. Completely in love.


One of the things I love most about shooting weddings is that I get to see people express their feelings so openly and honestly. We don’t often make ourselves so vulnerable and especially not in front of so many people. I get so invested in each couple that when they say their vows I immediately get choked up… when you see these two in action you will see what I mean.


It was a pleasure to be a part of this celebration. I wish you both an eternity of happiness together. You deserve it!

Gurjinder and Charnjit – Teaser

Just a little taste of the reception at the Marlborough Hotel in Winnipeg. What a beautiful reception it was!


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